November 10, 2010

Lying is not exercise

Is it just me or does every celebrity ever say in interviews that they used to be dorks who were misunderstood and too skinny when they were younger?

I'm sooo sick of it! First of all, most people would kill to be "too skinny".

Second, who cares if you were "misunderstood" in high school. You're a millionaire now with a rockin bod that can buy any clothes that you want!

It's ok not to be a tortured artist you loons. Just say, "I love my life, I love my body, and I love me face." Honesty is so much sexier.

I love when I read the rare interview in which the size 0 actress actually says she gets her figure by eating light and exercising all the time. See, that makes sense.

What I can't stand are those 90 lb waifs who claim that they never exercise and only eat steak and potatoes....SHUT. UP!

That doesn't make sense, it's not true, and it sends a terrible message to woman.

People should know the truth. Even my tombstone is going to read: "Here lies a woman who maintained her totally average figure my exercising a lot, eating and drinking too much, and always telling the damn truth!"

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