November 08, 2010

Full Brush

If you ever feel like you need a go-to conversation starter, I've got a recommendation for you.

Start carrying around a full brush (i.e., not a petite purse brush/comb) in your purse and use it in front of people. They are sure to comment on it.

I was first outted as a full brush user in the magic land of Dewey Beach. I remember it well. I didn't even know it was unusual (or called a full brush) until asked, "Um, is that a full brush in your purse?" At the time my purse was pretty small so I can understand the surprise.

Now my purse is HUGE and the perfect home for my full brush.

I was in a bathroom the other night and a girl commented on mine. At a loss for how to respond I said, "If you don't have lice you can use it..." It got really awkward. That part I don't recommend.

Nonetheless, I promise people will notice you, be intrigued by you, and sometimes even ask to share with you if you follow these simple instructions:

1) Buy a full brush
2) Put it in your purse
3) Use it in public bathrooms, car rides, etc.

Easy peasy crazy!

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