February 09, 2010

One the Wings of Love

Ooooh "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love". My favorite little drama queen.

First, and quickly, I can't believe Ali left because she was going to lose her job. If you really came to the show "to find love", don't you think you would work out those logistics beforehand? Stupid.

Second, and way more important, was Jake's visit to Gia's family in New York.

Gia's dad had a very handsome ponytail that reminded me of a shetland pony.

Gia's brother had a seriously gelled blow out that looked like Sonic the Hedgehog.

But what really struck me was Gia's date, Jake! Did anyone else catch a glimpse of the puka shell necklace he was wearing in one of his "confessionals"?!?!

No, no Jakey poo. Puka shell necklaces are for Abercrombie models and pre-pubescent teenage boys.

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