February 26, 2010

Come on guys! You can do it!!

I just realized I haven't sat down since I went to a spinning class yesterday evening, because when I sat at my seat at work...GOOD MORNING!

P.S. What is it about University tour guides and Exercise class instructors that drives me so crazy? It's like they have some sort of crazy mutated gene that makes them 90% happier than everyone else, and 100% more annoying.

Either way, my butt's sore.


  1. Did you like spinning? I LOVE it.

  2. It was one of the longest hours of my life. I had already been at the gym for an hour and a half at that point, so her cheery little face was really taxing on my psyche. I'll try again next week when I'm in a better mental place. ;)

  3. I am catching up on your delightful blog and thought I'd comment that I was a tour guide in college... shocked?