February 18, 2010

Freedom of Phlegm

I have butterflies in my stomach because I just saw the dreamboat that is Larry Flynt.

Honestly, he could have been talking about fuzzy white bunnies, and he still would've been gross. He sounds like he has been storing a ball of phlegm in his throat since he got shot in the 1970s.

Picture this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-fyOHqajrM , but with a microphone close up and the sound a lugi storage locker in his throat.

But, alas, the words he spoke weren't as gross as the sound of his voice.

He was actually very funny, witty, and apparently, sleepy. There were a few times when I really thought he had fallen asleep.

Much to my dismay, the most controversial thing that happened was some little punk being escorted by the police because he didn't phrase his question in the form of a question.

Either way, it was cool to see. Long live the First Amendment. And here's hoping I have ugly kids so that they could never be involved in this garbage!

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