February 23, 2010

Free Download - Mariah style

The diva-tipline has been abuzz with totally true rumors that Mariah has a free download on iTunes for her horrendous new video for "Up Out My Face".

The video, like the song, is reminiscent of demonic robots and dolls.

Nonetheless, it's free. And in this economy you almost can't say no to free stuff. (For instance, I just did the Atkins Diet for 3 hours because I received a free sample breakfast bar in the mail.)

Here's the video (also for free) from the Internet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i7GEMQC2IY&feature=related

Enjoy...the sound of silence that ensues after this video is over.

Me thinks the reign of Mariah is coming to an end. I haven't really been feelin her jams since after 2005's epic hit, "We Belong Together."

You heard it here first people!

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