February 10, 2010

Does anyone have any gum?

On my recent trip to Florida I stopped by your typical overpriced little shoe boutique with my sister and mom.

Upon seeing a shoe even less attractive than the eye sores above, for the bargain price of approximately $120, my mom asked what was up with all of the plastic shoes.

"They actually aren't plastic. They are recycled plastic...AND they are infused with a tooty fruity bubblegum flavor, soo yum!", replied the sales associate.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Something about mixing foot odor with a cheap bubblegum flavor seems wrong to me. That's like not taking a shower for a few days and just putting on lots of perfume. You're not really fooling anyone.

And I'm all for helping the environment, but I choose to do so by buying recycled paper towels and using reusable grocery bags. I draw the line at trying to bring back the Jelly.

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