February 15, 2010

Because putting on pajamas is hard...

If you are like the millions of Americans who find it extremely challenging to put on regular pants in the morning, and then an entirely new set of pajama pants at night, then you simply MUST watch this ad.

Why should you have to suffer through 2 whole outfit changes in 1 single day?

Get the pant that you can get dirty all day during regular activities, and then permeate your sheets with residual dirt and debris at night!

THE PAJAMA JEANS!...Because putting on pants is tough y'all!

Image via http://www.birminghammom.com/pajama%20jeans.jpg


  1. MOB always has a few good tips!

  2. haha, my favorite part of that commercial is the "special offer" of a gray tshirt that comes with your order. "that's an entire outfit!"