December 09, 2009

Things that aren't cool

Bottomless bags.

I just got bored for a minute, so naturally I went to get some bulk candy from the local market by my office. (Also the home of the Subway angels that I have frequently referred to).

Apparently I was leaning to the side while filling up on the Delicious Debris, as it is called. Because the second I straightened up, said Debris fell to the ground. There was no bottom to the bag!!

Luckily the cashier didn't charge me for the spillage. It just cost $0.54 for the second round, and all my pride for the first.

I'm already a pretty easily embarassed person, so this was just too much. I can't ever show my face there again. I think now, finally, I have good reason to not eat out of shear boredom. And that's nothing to sneeze at.

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