December 13, 2009

Clustr This

As you can see by my clustrmap, it looks like America's got a case of divasayswhat leprosy! Look at this dotted freakshow!!

Thanks to all my readers for checking in for an average of 30 seconds and for never, ever leaving comments!

You are truly what keeps me blogging and curious, as I have no idea who actually reads this mess.

Pat yourself on the back, unless you are one single person who has read my blog over 4,000 times. In that case, call me. We should grab a drink and have a little chat.
P.S. Seriously start leaving comments. I need positive reinforcement or I will punish you by not blogging anymore! :-O


  1. Yeah, I'll post a comment! I think your blog is hilarious. This makes me laugh because I look at the number of people who read my blog (something like 1200) and I have umm maybe 2 comments. Bastards! But then again, I rarely leave a comment on someone else's blog. Unless I feel I have something really witty to say, which is rare or possibly never...who knows. Keep the posts comin girl. Nobody has scoop like you do!

  2. your highness,

    I have no shame in my diva devotion to your daily diva 411. I even have most of my roommates reading as well.

    Oh, and there's always the 15 minute convo with your parents about the blog during my deb ball... i would have had it no other way. I'm just sayin...