December 01, 2009

Random Act of Diva

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Picking out what you are going to order before going out to eat at a restaurant…every.single.time.

I do this literally everytime I go out to eat. Not only does it allow be to budget how much money I'm going to spend, it allows me to research nutritional facts before I commit to a meal.
Neurotic? Si! Opposite of spontaneous? Oui! Genius? Hell yeah.

Not only do I do this for myself, I provide menu selections for other frequent diners as well. Not because I am a health professional or a size zero myself. Just because I am often bored and like to force my opinion on others.
Please contact me if you would like me to pick out your lunch or dinner. (I don't do breakfast) My services are free of charge.

Restaurants who don't post their menus rarely get my business. What are you trying to hide!?!? You can't play a player.

Bon appetit divas!

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