December 09, 2009

Back to the Future

If you're anything like me, then you don't have a Blackberry or iPhone or Droid, etc. And maybe your phone is taped together a little bit with a cracked screen and no back to it.

If so, you're probably feeling a little left out of the world of instant emails and pointless "apps". Boy have I got the solution for you!

It won't provide you with email access, or any information at all, really. And it definitely won't play music. But it will help you look like you fit in a little more on the bus, bathroom line, etc.

I personally play Yahtzee on a daily basis and it is truly fun. Furthermore, it creates a sense of intrigue and jealousy in those around you, wondering about this key to the future that you hold in your hands.

When I was in Argentina one summer, I didn't fit in very well. Part of me thinks this is because I had blond hair and was over 5 feet tall. But the other, more conceited part of me, thinks it was because everyone was intimidated by my handheld Yahtzee. People would look at me on the bus like I was holding the electronic cure to cancer. It really gave me a sense of empowerment, and that I was better than everyone else.

Bonus feature** The battery lasts forever. I haven't had to replace mine since that fateful summer in Argentina, and that was in 2004!! Que interesante, no!?!


  1. You have had that thing FOREVER!!! Seriously, I never imagined you were still playing it!

  2. Haha, yahtzee lasts more than your average celebrity marriage. It's real and it's deep.