December 22, 2009

How would you liked that diaper cooked?

meat diaper n. the absorbent pad packaged between a (styrofoam) tray and meat for sale.

If could UNinvent anything in the world, it would be the meat diaper.

Arguably the world's grossest diaper, the meat diaper absorbs the juices in a piece of meat while it is packaged. I am not suggesting that this step is unncessary, but I am suggesting that having any sort of diaper near your food products is not ideal.

What ever happened to paper towels? I hear Bounty is super absorbent. Why not try that?

I hereby call for a ban on the meat diaper. Let's potty train those filets and get rid of the meat diaper! It looks gross, it feels gross, and it's a diaper for your meat!

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