December 02, 2009

The Cinema will never be the same

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I went to a movie last week (Blind Side = awesome), and was told about a horrifying article pertaining to movie popcorn.

I kind of figured it was awful for you because, obviously, anything that is that good is terrible for you, and it's soooo good. But what I didn't know is that with a soda, a medium popcorn is the equivalent of 3 "Quarter Pounders topped with 12 pats of butter."

That's hard information to swallow, literally. However, I figure if I get a diet soda then it's really only like 2 Quarter Pounders with 6 pats of butter and that's nothing that 10 hours at the gym can't reverse.

I truly hate to be the one to share this news, but no one should unknowingly consume that many calories. Man, I am going to miss that greasy sheen on my fingers when I go see Precious and New Moon. :(


  1. I think Dave was fueled to polish off the popcorn tub even faster when learning it was filled the fat equivalent of multiple cheeseburgers.

  2. I was impressed with his speed and thoroughness. And very jealous of his metabolism.