April 01, 2013


Do British people celebrate April Fools Day?  If so, please let this be a joke.
Boden is probably my favorite clothing store.  Constantly offering cute clothes, 10% off, and free shipping both ways.  What's not to love? 
I'll tell you what's not to love, a mens skirt. 
I can't wait for the email from them tomorrow admitting that this "breaking news" was really just a "bad joke".  If that's not the case and this is really not a joke, at least they went ahead and put that item in Euros, because no one in America needs to know how much it will cost to buy....because that would never happen...because men don't wear skirts here.  Thank heavens.

1 comment:

  1. My favorite part is the abbreviated SKU/Product Code: MNSKT. I feel like that should be a thing. Like when you see something just outrageously stupid and annoying and post about it: #MNSKT. Or just casually drop into a text: "Then Sarah said she was going to invite Jane. MNSKT"