March 28, 2013

Why Do I Subscribe to This Nonsense?

And people say the press is mean!
This is so mean I can't even believe someone had the heart to write this cover title.  For starters, she's PREGNANT!  Pregnant people are supposed to gain weight.  Yes, I think she should get some sort of award for the worst dressed baby bump ever, but not because she's "fat".  Just because no one needs to be wearing an ass tight leather skirt when you are 6 months pregnant and it doesn't fit.  Embrace the bump Kimmy.
Secondly, most women can't stop eating.  It's in our DNA.  This is not new news.
That little picture in the corner of her stuffing her mouth just makes me mad.  Men do this too you know?  It also made me mad because I just received a forearm sized bar of Toblerone in the mail from my Mother in Law for Easter and subsequently clawed into like a bear, eating half in one sitting.  So I guess I'm still reeling from that.  Oops.
Side Note: That stuff is just straight up good as hell.
Long story short - Meanest Cover Title Ever.  Not cool In Touch.  Way not cool.

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