April 05, 2013

Shredded Baklava Cups & a Trip Down Memory Lane

Last weekend I made this dessert and, lo, it was glorious!

It had all the taste and crunch of traditional Baklava but took about 5 minutes to make.  The recipe is from EatLiveRun.com and it is posted here.

I made real Baklava once in Santorini, Greece and it was challenging but so worth the effort. 

This was the Baklava we made in Santorini.  Not your typical triangular shape.

This was me making a Greek salad with the chef during our cooking class.  World, if you're listening, please don't ever call on me again.  Audience + Me = Perspiration.

Look tandem pony bops!  I'm not usually a fan of male pony tails, but when it comes on the head of a hot, authentic Greek chef...I'ma let that slide.


I was going to try to make it again from the recipe I received at the cooking class I took there, but once I un-scrolled my scroll and realized it looked like this, I decided to find an alternate recipe:

I don't speak grams and "glasses".

Do you ever wonder why my pictures look like poo, because I do...
So crunchy.  So sweet.  So perfect.

Nonetheless, it was absolutely delicious and got rave reviews from my dinner mates.  I can't recommend this enough.  It was unique, came together in a flash, and was easy as baklava cups pie.

 Make it this weekend for dessert!
And in case you were wondering if the news exaggerates the turmoil in Athens, they don't.  This was just a typical Tuesday outside of our hotel room.  Bomb squad and all.

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