April 09, 2013

Covered in Dog Hair and Loving It

Diva Says What has a new mascot!
Her name is Rosie and she is a whole lotta cuteness.
She is a big fan of this crevice.
She's also a whole lot of work.  Who knew a 4 pound princess could require so much attention!
That's her BFF/arch nemesis Elefante
Having a puppy for me so far (this is day 4) has felt like having a huge crush on someone.  You think about them all day.  You wonder what they are thinking.  You are desperate for them to love you.  And you always end up bringing the conversation back to that person. 
I hope she has a crush on me too!
If she likes me half as much as she likes spontaneously collapsing into naps than we are in good shape.
In addition to being grateful for having the privilege of loving such an adorable dog, I'm also really grateful that this didn't happen to me.
Well, not so much grateful as glad I'm not stupid.  Because those "dogs" look 100% like rodents.  Who thinks of these things!?


  1. Awww Rosie is precious! I was wondering if you got a puppy. Yay!!!

  2. She is absolutely adorable!! Love the couch picture :) I also love your description of having a puppy. When we got our first dog I thought about him all day and my coworkers thought I was nuts! Glad to know there are other crazies out there. Enjoy!