April 29, 2013

Dog is my Copilot

Having a dog is a GAME.  CHANGER.
Not only do I have to be responsible for another living, breathing, being, but I also now have to plan my schedule around letting the little miss out to pee and poo. 
At first I was like, "Why did I do this?!  I gave away my freedom for no reason!"
And then I realized, oh wait, I wasn't exactly curing cancer in my free time before Rosie, so perhaps it is best that I have a reason to not stay out until midnight on a Friday, not sit on the couch all day on a Saturday, and not only go outside when I need to get in my car to get more food. 
So it turns out she's really helping me more than I'm helping her.
Downward Dog Revisisted
I also have met a lot of new people on our walks.  I am not even exagerrating when I say that in the last week alone I have had 4 perfect strangers pull their cars over to get out and meet Rosie. 
I also had one person yell out their window and ask me if I was walking a squirrel. 
But mostly she's getting good feedback...
If her popularity level keeps up like this, I am going to have to start really primping before our walks!  I can't be lookin' a hot mess while my dog is working the streets and getting attention from everyone and their mothers.
Just try leaving this little face in the morning to go to work.  Breaks my little heart.
And if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, please bare with me as I try to contain my desire to post 600 pictures of Rosie per day.  Pictures really don't do her cuteness any justice, but it's impossible to not share her cute little mug with the cyber world.

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