April 03, 2013

Butterfly Life

I used to go to an all women's gym in Chapel Hill.  I loved it.  Even now, I hate working out in front of guys so much that I take supplemental classes elsewhere just so I don't to bench press in front of a bunch of muscle bound 25 year old dudes.  Shit is embarrassing, yo.

I am woman, hear me roar cower with fear.
I loved that place in Chapel Hill.  It was called Ladies Fitness Center and it helped me maintain my freshman 15-20 for 4 whole years of college.  So I can get way down with a girls only gym.
Just not when it is named this:
Butterfly Life....
Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little.  Now I'm back.
I guess this is some sort of metaphor?  Like, once you were a pudgy caterpillar and now, for the competitive rate of $50 per month and a 6 year contract, you are a slightly less pudgy butterfly?
This is going to sound mean, but if are the type of person that enrolls in a gym called Butterfly Life in the middle of strip mall, you are also likely to be the type of person that will beeline left or right to go to Five Guys or Harris Teeter, respectively, which neighbor this establishment, instead of actually going to Butterfly Life.
I do not see this having a bright future.  I'd rather go to Gold's.

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