April 22, 2013

I Do...Prefer Comfort Over All Else

Sometimes I feel like I have pulled off a wedding miracle if I can avoid wearing the following items on my person:
1) Spanx - you know, because I like to take full breaths
2) Strapless bra - self explanatory
3) Bare shoulders - I am always, always cold and nighttime temperatures make me miserable.
4) Heels - because I'm not a masochists
This weekend I achieved all three.  And with the exception of feeling pretty highly underdressed, I was comfortable all night long.  I wore a long maxi dress, a sweater that hopefully looked like it was part of the ensemble, and sandals.  I had one goal in mind ----> to not freeze.
Sometimes to feel the way you want to feel you have to get creative...and risk looking like someone who lost their suitcase and had to fashion an outfit at the local Wings on a last minute's notice.  But you didn't hear me complaining all night long!

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