March 07, 2013

Work it out

Have you heard of the latest trend in excercise?  It's not Barre method or Zumba-ing your ass off.  It's working out in high heels.  And it looks highly dangerous.  Workouts in High Heels article
I would break my ankle so very, very fast in this class.  It's all I can do in a regular circumstance to wear a 1-inch wedge heel for half an hour.  Dancing around in heels for an hour cardio sesh?  No sir, no ma'am!
According to the article, "One of the authors, said it is hard to assess whether working out in heels is more dangerous than simply walking in them, "beyond the risk of falling due to a reduced foot contact on the floor."  I would say that boils down to a resounding: Yes, it is more dangerous.
The only thing that makes me want to try this is the mention of Crunch Fitness's class "Stilleto Strength", which incorporates an aerobic portion where students "go into 'work it girl' mode."  Hell. Yes.  I'd love to watch this go down...from a my sneakers. 

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