March 26, 2013

Monster Family

I really can't tell what's going on here.  This was sent by my sister, "I think there is some sort of Brady Bunch situation going on here."
There may be two dads, dressed alike.  There might be only two members of the family that have interests suspended over their heads.  I guess the girls are content with just a wave and a high side ponytail.  Simply girls.
And the dogs might be made out of tricycles.  But they love those dogs, guys.  It says so right below the sensible family of 10, of course.
But what really gets me here is the Monster Energy Drink sticker.  An over caffeineated, jittery, heart palpating matriarch or patriarch just isn't what first comes to mind when you think of this large of a family.  I guess they need that boost to keep up with the gang.
Who knows maybe this driver just won some free decal stickers and decided to put up the whole kit and caboodle.  That takes less explaining.

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