March 25, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Cannolis

Friday night I made these:
They in no way looked as beautiful as the ones pictured above, but they were delicious!  I can't recommend them enough.  That is, of course, if you love things that are decadent, crunchy, and buffalo flavored.  If not than don't bother.  And also go get your head checked because you are crazy!
Click here for the step by step recipe.  I used scallions instead of celery and ranch instead of blue cheese.  It's kind of funny that I love all things buffalo, but hate two of the most commonly used buffalo accoutrements - celery and blue cheese.  YUCK!
While you're clicking, also check out this blog from the person who shared this recipe.  Two words - FoodPorn.
Now I really wish I had some leftovers.  Mondays sure would be a lot less painless if we could eat decadent things for lunch and get skinny from them.   A girl can dream!

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