March 18, 2013

Not News, News

Am I crazy for thinking that this is the most non-news news I've ever seen on a magazine cover?
That's just swell that you are going to wait until marriage to have sex, but why does the whole world need to know that?  If anything, you'd think that someone conservative enough to wait until "I Do" to have sex would also be conservative enough to not broadcast that on an internationally circulated magazine cover.  But clearly you would be wrong!
And guess what?  A lot of people wait until they are married to have sex.  They are called virgins.  And they don't need everyone to know.  Being a "born again virgin" is 100% not a real thing.  You shouldn't be getting all this credit, Sean, when it's the real virgins who do the hard work.
Go back to featuring the real news, People magazine, like how Miley Cyrus might be, but we're all not really sure, but we pretend to care, breaking up with her fiance.  That's hard hitting, at least compared to this.

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