March 11, 2013


Yesterday, in what can only be described as the least productive day of my life, I watched 12 straight hours of the OWN Network.  "The Oprah Show: Where Are They Now" can really suck you in, apparently.
Oprah mentioned the makeovers of seasons past a lot and admitted that the AFTER results were often much, much worse than the BEFORE's.  I think that admission is strongly supported by this image that flashed across the screen, inexplicably without comment:
You aren't reading Hebrew here.  That's really the AFTER on the right.  So they basically took a normal looking man in jeans and a button up shirt and "transformed" him into a tube-sock wearing, high-top sporting, man purse toting goober in sweat pant capris. 
It turns out Oprah's Midas Touch has one very extreme exception.

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