March 27, 2013

Equal Rights for All...And more butter for Paula

Yesterday it made me giggle out of embarrassment every time I scrolled through Facebook and saw, among the sea of Equal Rights profile pictures, the silly people who had just changed their profile pictures to "selfies" (even typing that makes me feel like a dbag, btw) and pictures of sandwiches. 

It all feels a little ridiculous when all anyone else who watches the news can talk about is a' brewin' on the news feed. I just kept wondering..."do they even know?"
But I can get on board with a little ridiculousness.  So keep posting those pictures of your feet on the beach and your trip to the aquarium.  At least nobody forbids sea life to be with who they want.
And just for a little giggle in the sea of a very serious issue, I present to you, Paula Deen getting hit in the face with a ham.  I love that woman.

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