September 07, 2012

Coffee, Coffee Everywhere and Too Many Drops to Drink

Dunkin Donuts has really put me on an emotional roller coaster of late.
In my half-assed effort to stop drinking caffeine, I decided to splurge last week on an iced-coffee when I was feeling like I needed to treat myself.  It was no big deal, really, because it was just this once.  I could quit any time I wanted too.  Promise.
And then I got hit with this bad boy.
Oh and this cup is also humongous.
Great...So maybe I'll quit caffeine on 1/1/13. 
Yesterday I decided to treat myself again.  But this time it was decaf so I had no shame in my game...And then I saw these in the store.
Whoever thought of the marketing ploy to get people to go IN the store because of the $1.49 re-usable plastic cup deal and then be tempted by the $14 "Limited Time" K-cups deserves an award for trickery.  I'm not even mad that I fell for it, that's genius!

Like a coffee Puma to it's prey, the barista behind the counter noticed my vulnerability to this seasonal delight and promised me that "they are going fast".  Naturally, I bought a pack.  So not only does that delay my quit-date by at least 12 days (12 in a box), it also made my $1.49 coffee cost about $14.  How's that for an ass-backwards attempt at self-control?
Oh well, at least K-Cups have no calories, right?   Right??  Oh sweet Jesus, I'ma need to Google that.

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