September 25, 2012


I forgot to mention one of the highlights of this past weekend's gardening extraordinaire: When I found the elusive, exotic hot pink ivy vine underground.
I've seen vines this color before, although not underground, so I was in awe of it's location and vibrant hue.  When I ripped it in half by force and discovered that it's insides were strikingly like that of an electrical wire, with 3 threads sticking out, I was blown away...Until I realized that it actually was an electrical wire.
Oops.  I still haven't found any non functioning electrical switches in our house yet, so hopefully it went to something no longer in use. 
But I learned a lesson.  If something has a color that doesn't occur in nature, if it's in a location that seems out of place, and if it bears a striking resemblance to an electrical wire, don't pull it and certainly don't rip it in half.  Because chances are it actually is an electrical wire. 

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