September 30, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - Key Lime Pie

This week's flavor is a Limited Batch, so go run and get one before they are off the shelves.  Go on...get!

This flavor is so refreshing and light that it almost tastes low-fat.  But it's not!  It's really, really not.  So don't be fooled. 

The flavor of this ice cream was spot on - limey, but not too tart.  The pie crust pieces were chewy and delicious.  But my favorite part, by far, was the fluffy meringue swirl.  The best part about it was that you couldn't see it, since the swirl is the same color as the lime ice cream.  That meant that you were just munching along, minding your own business, and then BAM! - heavenly, marshmellowy, soft, sweet bite of meringue. 

That's the kind of surprise a girl like me can get down with.  And by a girl like me I mean a girl who absolutely hates surprises and likes to plan everything out months in advance.  So that says a lot! 

Summer may be over but the taste of summer lives on!
Flavors Tried - 29
Favorite Flavor - Mint Chocolate Cookie

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