September 12, 2012

Smile Pretty

I went to the dentist today and got a glowing report card.  I even got a "Wow, those are some beautiful teeth!" from the dentist himself.

This is only noteworthy and highly amusing to me because of my checkered dental past.  Before I had braces (which was at the ripe young age of 16), I had teeth the size of mini chicklets (from grinding the ever living sh*t out of them), an under bite, a grey tooth (??), an extra tooth, and 8 baby teeth that had to be forcibly removed when I was 15.  In case you ever wondered what it felt like when the 18 year life guard you have had a crush on for 5 years asks you if you got hit in the mouth by a baseball, it's a little like being punched in the gut...if the person punching you is really hot.  And if you're an awkward 15 year old.
This only goes to show that by brushing and flossing, and getting braces at the most awkward age possible, thus ensuring that you will never stop wearing your retainers for fear of going back to the orthodontist, you can really come a long way in the dental world.  Once I was a cavity riddled child with a grinding problem.  Now I'm a beautiful butterfly with one root canal, one crown, 6+ fillings/sealants, and a bright future ahead of me.  That I can smile at!

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