September 24, 2012


It's official.  I have my first GRI - Gardening Related Injury.  It's actual more like a series of tiny cuts along most of my fingers.  I got this GRI from pulling out ivy in our front yard.
Ivy is no joke folks.  Not only does it grow fast as lightening and take the paint off of your house, it also weaves an unbelievable web of roots that can span up to many, many feet.
I got one that was more than large enough to make a nice whip out of (maybe 8 feet long?).  I tell ya, getting a good clean pull on a root is almost as good as popping a big zit.  Sweet release!  I got kind of addicted to pulling weeds yesterday...until I didn't.  Then I was sooo over it.
When I woke up this morning I was more a little surprised to find that I could barely walk to the shower.  I guess pulling with all of your might, nearly falling backwards from sheer force of root release, and getting straight down and dirty in the dirt can do that to a body.  Especially a body that has ne'er seen the light of a gardening project.
I'm half way finished with the ivy project.  Somehow every time we try to make our yard look better by taking out some over growth, our yard looks like a naked baby's bottom.  Oh well, Less Is More in my book.

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