September 17, 2012

Soup for You!

After getting way too excited to see an advertisement for this in a magazine recently, I finally remembered to actually buy it at the grocery store yesterday. 
Hooray for lunchtime!
Yum!  It's so good and it even has a creamy color to it...yet there's no cream.  It's really amazing what they can do with food dyes these days.
The nutritional stats aren't that great (lots of sodium and only 10 grams of protein per container) but the whole thing only has 260 calories in it.  That's the beauty of soups if you find the right ones - So many spoonfuls, so little calories.
I wouldn't eat it everyday because it already feels like I've been chewing on a salt lick after having it today, but I bought two so I might as well have it tomorrow too!  Maybe it's OK some days to have 66% of your sodium before 1pm. 
When it tastes this good, why not?!

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