March 01, 2012

Diva Cards

Last year I received this card from my grandparents and thought it was the best card ever.

See that shiny spot on the cat's tiara. There are real sparkles!

But this year the Princess Cat card was bested by this:

And on the inside it reads: "Long May You Rule!"

My mom even put a post-in note on the inside with a Birthday message because she said it was too perfect to write on. Agreed!

If I were in a situation in which I was asked to make my dream card, this would actually be it, verbatim. So you can imagine my delight when it came in the mail, early and carrying Birthday money.

1) Reference to divas!
2) Timeliness
3) Money

Yes please! What more could a Birthday girl ask for?! Now I kind of want to start my own line of Diva-related greeting cards. I can actually see that being hugely successful.

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes!

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