March 06, 2012


Hello there!

As you are reading this post, I am in Aspen, CO attempting to snow ski for the first time in about 15 years. I hope it is going better than the list time I tried. Because that was the time that I ran into a ski instruction while uncontrollably flying down a mountain...and also the time that I got promptly banished to the Bunny Slopes.

At that point I just gave up and made ice sculptures by myself all day until my able-bodied friends had had enough skiing for the day.

Oooh, to be an athlete.

I've already decided that if I am terrible at skiing I am going to spend the rest of my vacation trolling for celebs and hottubing it back at the chalet. Sometimes it pays to suck at all physical activities :)

It's also supposed to be anywhere from 6-40 degrees while I'm there. That is funny only because the average winter day in Wilmington has been about 60 degrees this year. The fact that I am leaving hot for cold only shows my passion for vacays and any place where the beer flows like wine.

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