March 26, 2012

Mad About Mad Men...

Did you watch the Mad Men season premiere last night? Personally, I thought after making us wait over a year for a new episode, it left a lot to be desired. And where was Betty Draper?!

I did enjoy it though. And in addition to reminding me how sexy Don Draper is, it also reminded why I could never, ever, ever be an actress.

The scene in which his TV wife Megan performs a racy version of "Zou Bisou Bisou" made me so uncomfortable I was embarrassed to even be in the room with myself. I cannot mentally comprehend doing something like that in front of cameras, costars, and the millions of people who watch Mad Men when it decided to show up.

Girls got guts. And also, some major daddy issues. Why does she keep calling Don a "gross old man" and then having savage floor sex with him? It seems like she is trying to compensate for low self-esteem with a high sex-statistics.

Or perhaps I'm over analyzing? As long as Don stays hot who cares what deep-seeded emotional issues his on-screen lovers have! Right!?

To learn more about the song, click here.

In closing, Roger Sterling is amazing. Whoever writes his line has got to be one sassy man or woman. Keep it coming!

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