March 27, 2012

Diveats - Chicken Braised with Red Wine Vinegar and Tomatoes

Last night I made this recipe from Fine Cooking:
Chicken Braised with Red Wine Vinegar and Tomatoes

It was the best recipe I've made all year! And really not that complicated.

I started with the ingredients below.

The recipe instructs you to put the chicken in a bag with flour, salt, and pepper, then shake.

I've never shaken meat up in a bag before... What fun!!

Lightly coating the chicken in flour added so much flavor to the chicken and really thickened up the sauce.

And adding flour, chicken, and cast iron together makes for one smoky combination! My smoke detector went off 2 very loud and annoying times.

It's very sensitive. The first week we had the house I think I set it off at least once a day.

But it was well worth it for the finished product. This was so delicious and rich tasting.

The only modifications I made were that I used chicken breasts instead of thighs, added basil and parsley instead of just basil, and sprinkled parmesan cheese on at the end.

Next time I make it I will only partially drain the tomatoes because I think the sauce could use a tad more liquid. And I will definitely be making this another time.

Please try this! It is such a delicious treat and, when served with garlic bread, combines pretty much all of my favorite flavors. Thanks Fine Cooking for a wonderful dinner!

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