March 21, 2012

Breaking Not News

This morning is all about celebrity news that is confusing and/or in no way actual news.

1) How about Jessica Simpson refusing to reveal when she is actually due? I really, really, really don't understand that. I have seen her on 3 talk shows and she just says "I've got some more time I think."

Maybe I'm naive here, but what is the harm in telling people when you are due...especially when you are clearly already 12-15 months pregnant? What am I missing here? Are celebrities just so entitled that they think pregnancy etiquette doesn't apply to them?

2) When celebrity couples break up, why do gossip magazines and websites show pictures of them "Out Without Her Wedding Ring On" after they have confirmed their split (A la Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli) as if it's breaking news? That is not new information!

That's like me announcing that I got my haircut and then going out in public, indeed, with shorter hair. This is not news people! We already knew that they broke up. Why would he be wearing his wedding ring...unless you are Heidi Klum and Seal and I think they were just toying with our emotions.

Save your news for something important, like when someone from the cast of Jersey Shore gets arrested. Or like when Lindsey Lohan's dad goes back to jail.

Celebrities sure do live in an alternate universe sometimes. Oh well, at least Jessica Simpson makes me life. That's going to be one big baby!

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