March 28, 2012

Root of the Problem

Have you heard of Gray Away? Check it out here.

When I saw this infomercial on TV I was astounded, and not just a little grossed out.

Maybe it's the contrast between gray and brown that reminds me of a skunk? Or maybe it's because all of the subjects in the commercial are schlepping around in depressing sweat pants before they get the call to go out and immediately grab their can of spray paint to cover their roots? That just made me kinda sad.

However, I am a huge fan of the following sequence: 1) Casual banter on the phone about possible going out tonight. 2) A quick look in the mirror, only to discover massive roots showing. 3) Extreme closeup! 4) Look of absolute horror! That's TV directing at it's best.

Wasn't there a time when we were afraid of aerosol cans and not spraying them directly onto our skin?

If you're having that much trouble maintaining a hair color program, either just go au naturale, or set something up with your stylist that is recurring, like auto-refill. If pharmacies have figured it out, I'm sure ol' Tanya 2-year-degree at the local Leon's Beauty Salon can get with the program.

Until then, I'd suggest keeping flammable sprays away from your scalp.

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