March 12, 2012

Silk Pants and Late Flights

Travelling is so enlightening.

We returned from Aspen late Saturday night to Raleigh. With the combination of an 11pm arrival, a 2.5 hour drive to Wilmington, and Daylight Savings time, we got home at the ripe young hour of 3AM.

I figured we were going to look like Gypsies in the night carrying our bags in the quiet neighborhood. Then I remembered that we have new wildass neighbors that stay up late as hell. They were still awake to great us with their noise.

Back to travelling: I remembered a funny while waiting for our bags to drop on the conveyor belt, where a young boy was sticking his finger on the turnstyles. When I was younger, I went to Bermuda on a family reunion. I was around 10 and/or the age when silk pants from Limited Too were in style...whichever came later.

I was sitting on the conveyor belt waiting for my bag to arrive, when my silk pants got stuck in a crack. I kept moving with the conveyor belt. My pants did not.

Those silk beauties ripped right up the side of one of my legs. Luckily I was carrying my trusty blankie with me (damn, was I still carrying that thing around when I was 10/of silk pants age?), so I was able to fashion a makeshift turnakit to secure my now-high slitted kid pants. That was the last time I ever touched a conveyor belt. Oh, and silk pants. They aren't as forgiving once you pass your 10's.

I also realized this trip that when you're married, the risks of travelling increase by 200%. I used to see my bag arrive on the belt and think, "Screw you, suckas! I got my bag, I'm outta here!" Now I have to think, "Please God let his bag be here too. Or else I'm stuck waiting in line for customer service and the next flight in with him and his bag!"

So to sum up - I'm still adjusting to the new time diff, I no longer wear silk pants, and I'm still kind of selfish but learning to deal now that I'm married.

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