September 24, 2014

Sour Sweet Tooth

What in the world is wrong with people?
*I didn't have the courage to post a picture of vagina cookies so this is in lieu of that horrifying image.
I have so many questions about this entire situation and the radical feminist mother who brought in said Vagina Cookies. 
First, why is this even on Pinterest? 
Who is pinning this? 
What occasion calls for vagina cupcakes?
A lesbian party?  No, wait, that can't be.  I'm straight and I've never thrown a penis party.
Announcing that you are having a baby girl?  That can't be it either because that's ABSOLUTELY INSANE!
Second of all, I don't want to say this is a double standard, because hopefully this isn't a standard AT ALL.  But can you even imagine the uproar if a dad brought in penis pound cakes and told a teacher that he should be "proud of his penis"?  That dad would be carted off to pervert jail or put on a watch list faster than a second grader can learn Phonics. 
Thirdly, can someone please give the poor kid whose mom brought in vagina cookies a big hug.  And maybe a courtesy call to Child Protective Services?

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