September 29, 2014

This Just In...You're Fat

One of my greatest fears in life is being the bottom half of the person in TV segments about obesity and growing waist sizes. 
You know the ones I'm talking about.  When they start telling you about the correlation between expanding 2 waist sizes every 10 years and increased risk of getting cancer.  Or about sugar in drinks and snacks.  Then they show a myriad of fat headless bodies walking around various parts of the country.
I'm sure they don't tell these people that they are going to be the visual representation in a news segment on the metabolic demise of our country.  They probably don't have to since they never show faces.  So can you even imagine the horror you would feel if you were just sitting back, eating your Doritos, watching the evening news and all of a sudden you see YOUR body jiggling around a generic looking park scene warning the nation about the perils of being so fat that your stomach covers your no-no place?
I'd like to thing I'm at least 100 pounds away from being the poster child for fat induced cancer, but it is things like these that keep me going back to the gym.  Oh, and the complimentary child care.

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