September 23, 2014


I just saw this mind boggling ad while waiting at the Doctor's office.
First of all, what is the point of appointments?  If you want to see me at 4:22, tell me to be there at 4:22.  I promise I won't keep you waiting.  But if you tell me to come at 3:30, for the love of leaving my house almost never, don't make me wait an hour to see you!
Second of all, even teenage me who believed in thigh firming cream wouldn't believe in this BS.  The name of the product is enough to deter me - Fat Girl Slim - but the tagline is simply stupid.  That's not really even a play on words!  It's just one and a half real words.
This is why I don't buy health magazines.  Or hang out at doctors' offices unless absolutely forced to do so by an ungodly wait time.

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