September 17, 2014

Same Sex

Conservatives are wrong.  Same sex relationships aren't just OK, they are magnificent.
Ever since I had a baby, every time I would be up breastfeeding at all hours of the night and confined to my quarters during the day, I would think about my gay friend who has a baby with his partner.  Neither one of them could ever assume the other one was going to be the one staying up all night because neither one was breastfeeding. 
The lack of expectation that one person is mostly in charge sounded so liberating and fair.  Suddenly I found myself wanted to be a gay man every night between the hours of 11pm and 7am. 
I sort of forgot about this whole theory once Jack started sleeping a lot more, I started using formula, and Grant could help me all of the time.
Then I spent a week with one of my best friends and our babies, without our husbands.  We spent the whole week making solid plans for the day, preparing dinner while our babies were sleeping, and just generally being perfectly organized and supportive of one another.
Now I want to be a lesbian. 
It is so nice to be with someone whose interests and passions in life don't involve exclusively being away from other humans (i.e., fishing, kayaking hunting, etc.).  And to eat dinner with someone who doesn't require at least two sides with dinner.
I am, perhaps unfortunately, straight.  So this won't work for me in the long run.  But it has been so refreshing to spend a week with a woman. 

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  1. This is awesome. I completely agree (and am completely straight as well). What sealed the deal on your argument was the 2 sides with dinner.