September 09, 2014

6th Sense: Baby Monitor

I now how have a 6th sense and it is called MONITOR.
 I love how the picture above makes the lights look like a rainbow, when in reality the 6 level alarm looks like the hand held version of parent terror.
I have that thing next to my bed every night and I swear I can hear when Jack so much as takes a deep exhale. 
It's a blessing and a curse.  I can always check on my boy.  But I also can't even begin to sleep unless he is 100% asleep, quiet, and still.  Which even when he is asleep isn't always the case!  He loves to shake that little hit back and forth and audibly suck his fingers while snoozing.
I bet the parents of yester year who used open phone lines to keep tabs on their kids while going to their neighbors house and who got to just lay their children in the back seat had a lot less stress when it came to being away from their children.
The only time I've truly slept through the night since Jack was born was the weekend that my in laws took his monitor AND his Pack N Play in their room.  It was truly magical.
This is kind of on par with the phantom screams I hear when I'm in the shower these days.  Even if Jack is fast sleep, when I get in the shower I can swear I hear him screaming.  Then I rush through my 2 minute shower, run dripping out to check the monitor, and he is still just asleep in the same position.
Mom problems.  I wouldn't have it any other way!

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