September 01, 2014

Things that do not go together

You know what two sounds that I do not understand happening simultaneously?  The sound of a baby screaming and a husband snoring.
Guess what husband?  I do not believe that you are still asleep when our baby is screaming out cries of constipation and unhappiness.  For you to remain sleeping through this noise you either have to be dead or the poster child for why woman historically have been in charge of child rearing.
Let's call a spade a spade.*  This is my "job".  Your job starts in the morning.  So I will get up tonight and every other.  But don't sit there and pretend to be asleep while the fruit of your loins cries 15 feet away.  Neither of us are buying it!
*One time I heard someone deep in conversation say, "Let's call an Ace an Ace..."

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