July 30, 2014

Celestial Stuff

This is going to sound super cheesy but my new version of heaven is the time after I soothe Jack out of crying and have him asleep on my chest or holding on to my neck so I can kiss his soft little neck.
However, it's not as cheesy as the expression "Love you to the moon and back".  I hate that expression.  It's so cliché, finite, and boring.  And there are things a lot farther than the moon.  If you're going to be dramatic in your expressions of love, at least go as far as the ends of the galaxy or something.
That being said, I have come up with my own ways of expressing my profound love for my son.  Forget the return trips to the moon and all the stars in the sky.  I tell Jack I love him as much as the following:
All the beers in the case.
All the wine in the bottle.
All the shows on my DVR.
All the sleep in the night.
All 60 minutes of an hour massage.
All the chips in the bag.
All the ice cream in the carton.
All the pizza in the box.
That way he knows I really, really, REALLY love him.  Neil Armstrong and others actually have gone to the moon and back.  Big whoop.  Only mommy can express her love in these most passionate ways.

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