July 18, 2014

Thoughts on Motherhood - 15 Weeks

1. Now that Jack legitimately sleeps through the night, when people ask me how he is sleeping, which everyone does, I feel a lot less "stabby" and a lot more "cartwheely".
This is one of his trick flips in which he puts Teddy on his back.  Boy genius.
That being said, he just started flipping over and now I'm constantly afraid he will smoosh his face against the bed, so I still don't sleep much consecutively yet.  This morning I was so tired to my core that I thought I might actually be dead.
2. Can I tell you a secret?  Even though I'm finished breastfeeding I still wear nursing tanks to bed because I'm used to the support, both physically and emotionally.  I also continue to wake up in the middle of the night with an internal temperature of 300 degrees so I need the breathability.  How long is too long to wear maternity and nursing apparel when you suddenly become neither of those things?  Wait, don't answer that.
Gosh, I love the sassy poses for nursing tanks.  It just screams, "I unclip here because I can!  Because I'm a mom, damnit!"
3. I make up my own lullabies.  And the trouble with being an original lyricist is that I constantly have my own original numbers stuck in my head with no one to sing along with me.  The #1 song on the non-existent chart this week is a diaper changing song that goes a little something like this, "Bye bye poo poo!  There's no room for you in this cute little butt."  Set to the tune of whatever the hell I want.
4. A baby's hand is nature's free pacifier that never falls out.  And I'm not ashamed to admit that sometimes I manually insert Jack's into his mouth when he's upset and I can't muster the energy to reinsert a proper pacifier 400 times.
5. I have really bad lingering acid reflux from pregnancy and I want more sympathy for it.
6. I don't care if my boobs go back to the same size they were before breastfeeding.  But I sincerely hope they go back to being the same size as each other. 


  1. Bwahaha. I loved a good nursing tank! And she is sassy with that pose.

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