July 11, 2014

Thoughts on motherhood - 14 weeks

1. The amount that my dog starts to freak out about getting left in response to the simple act of me taking a shower and putting on real clothes clearly means I'm not doing that enough.
2. I have started to go to the gym almost every single day because it's the only free thing I can do to get out of the house and take Jack with me that doesn't involve walking in the 100 degree weather.  So I might accidentally end up with perfect body because I'm cheap and have cabin fever.
3. Goodbye to the most handsome little battery operated handbag I've ever known.  Breastfeeding and pumping, it's been real.  And it's been free.  And it's been "special".  But recently it's been mostly awkward in group situations and absolutely exhausting.  So we are parting ways. 
Also, say what you will about breastfeeding versus formula, but the first night I fed my baby formula he slept through the entire night.  Like 7-7.  Like,  I just witnessed my first miracle.  And he's done it 8 out of 10 times since then.  So I'm team formula all the way.  Just at night though.  I'm got enough frozen breastmilk to feed an army...of babies...for like a week.

Stella done got her groove back.  Well, at least her regular bra.
4. Netflix can really save a stay at home mom during nap time when there are no dishes to be done or laundry to be partially completed and then later abandoned.  I am loving my renewed subscription.  That being said, however, I watched this movie last week and it was so inexplicably stupid that I thought someone might have slipped bath salts into my beloved morning iced coffee.
5. I just made $100 on my blog after having Ads installed on it for almost 2 years.  So I officially "Have it all" as they say about working moms with babies.  Watch out working women of the world.  I'm coming for you...at the whopping rate of $0.0000089 an hour!
6. I heart being a mom.

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  1. Thanks for making me laugh out loud at my desk all the time! Love it!