April 16, 2014

Zoe's Dinners for 4

I mentioned previously about an amazing thing friends do for one another called Meal Train.  It's a wonderful tool for new moms, people who have family in the hospital, people who have been ill, etc.  You sign up to bring someone dinner and, I can now tell you from experience, they really, really, really appreciate it!
Not having to cook when you barely have enough sleep to function is no small miracle...On the flip side, I'm so tired and stupid these days that I might just not even bother to eat if I didn't have these luscious meals coming my way, which would also be a miracle in and of itself, but that ain't happening so forget that.
In addition to telling you about this amazing online service, let me also just go ahead and tell you what to bring if you ever sign up for one.
Zoe's Dinners for 4. 
four chicken, four shrimp, or four veggie kabobs (eight total kabobs), rice pilaf, greek salad, pita bread
My mom, although not part of the actual train (Choo choo!), brought Grant and I this dinner last week and it was basically my dream meal.  I love everything Mediterranean inspired when it comes to food.  This was no exception.
Even though they are delicious, I simply do not need fatty, fat, fat cheese casseroles and such in my life.  After losing 20 pounds in the week following delivery, the remaining 15 pounds have gone literally NOWHERE.  So I'm desperate to lose the additional weight, while also having decadent meals brought to us twice a week.  It isn't going well, shockingly.  Because I have the will power of a crack addict.
Anyway, back to Zoe's.  The meal is probably 70% healthy.  Then there is a lot of rice pilaf.  But you can just have a little and be 30% naughty :)  The meal my mom brought us consisted of the Kabob Combo.  We got 4 chicken kabobs, 2 steak kabobs, and 2 shrimp kabobs.  OMG they were all incredible!  Especially the chicken and steak kabobs.  Seasoned to perfectly, moist, and delicious. 
And the greek salad it comes with is filled with deliciousness and sides of their incredible made-in-house dressing.  Yes please!
So if you ever need to bring someone an amazing, portable, and pretty meal, this is your meal.  And if you ever wonder what I might like to eat, this is my meal. 

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  1. That's my go-to meal for new Mom's! Love that you like it too! Congrats on the precious baby boy! - Lindsay Stratton